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Christ University (Main Campus), Bangalore, Karnataka

Christ University in Bangalore, India founded in 1969 by the fathers of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate, the first indigenous Catholic religious congregation in India, is managed by the CMI. The CMI runs around 400 schools, 30 colleges and a number of hospitals at various locations in India. The college was granted deemed university status in 2008. It is spread over a large campus of 25 acres (100,000 m2) which is part of the 100-acre (400,000 m2) Dharmaram College Campus located in the central part of Bangalore city.

Apart from being the mother of all the social sciences and management, economics is the subject that comes closest to the understanding of the practical life of humans. The growth and power of the economies of the world may be explained and would also depend on the intellect of the economists. Hence economists have the privilege in their hands in shaping the future of the world.


Christ University (Main Campus)
Hosur Road,
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Phone : +91 80.4012.9100, +91.80.4012.9012
Email :
Website :
Degree   Intake Students
B. Ed. B. Ed.  NA Seats
B.A. Comm & Media, English, Psycho  NA Seats
B.A. Economics, Politics, Sociology  NA Seats
B.A. History, Economics, Politics  NA Seats
B.A. Journalism, Psychology, English  NA Seats
B.A. Performing Arts,English,Psychology  NA Seats
B.A. Philosophy  NA Seats
B.A. Psychology  NA Seats
B.A. Psychology, Sociology, Economics  NA Seats
B.A. Psychology, Sociology, English  NA Seats
B.B.A. BBA  NA Seats
B.B.M. B.B.M.  NA Seats
B.C.A. B.C.A.  NA Seats
B.Com. B.Com.  NA Seats
B.Com. Finance & Accountancy  NA Seats
B.Com. Travel & Tourism Mgmt  NA Seats
B.H.M. BHM  NA Seats
B.Sc. Biotechnology,Chemistry, Botany  NA Seats
B.Sc. Biotechnology,Chemistry,Zoology  NA Seats
B.Sc. Chemistry, Botany, Zoology  NA Seats
B.Sc. Computer Sc, Maths, Electronics  NA Seats
B.Sc. Computer Sc, Maths, Statistics  NA Seats
B.Sc. Physics, Chemistry, Maths  NA Seats
B.Sc. Physics, Electronics, Maths  NA Seats
M.A. Applied Economics  NA Seats
M.A. English with Communication Studies  NA Seats
M.A. Philosophy  NA Seats
M.B.A. Hospitality Management  NA Seats
M.B.A. M.B.A  NA Seats
M.C.A. M.C.A  NA Seats
M.Com. M.Com.  NA Seats
M.Phil. Chemistry  NA Seats
M.Phil. Commerce  NA Seats
M.Phil. Computer Science  NA Seats
M.Phil. Economics  NA Seats
M.Phil. Education  NA Seats
M.Phil. English Studies  NA Seats
M.Phil. History  NA Seats
M.Phil. Management   NA Seats
M.Phil. Mathematics  NA Seats
M.Phil. Media Studies  NA Seats
M.Phil. Philosophy  NA Seats
M.Phil. Physics  NA Seats
M.Phil. Psychology  NA Seats
M.Phil. Social Work  NA Seats
M.Phil. Sociology  NA Seats
M.Phil. Tourism  NA Seats
M.Sc. Chemistry (Analytical/Organic)  NA Seats
M.Sc. Communication  NA Seats
M.Sc. Computer Science  NA Seats
M.Sc. Mathematics  NA Seats
M.Sc. Physics  NA Seats
M.Sc. Psychological Counselling  NA Seats
M.Sc. Psychology (Clinical)  NA Seats
M.Sc. Psychology (HRDM)  NA Seats
MS Computer Science  NA Seats
Ph.D. Commerce  NA Seats
Ph.D. Computer Science  NA Seats
Ph.D. Economics  NA Seats
Ph.D. Education  NA Seats
Ph.D. English  NA Seats
Ph.D. History  NA Seats
Ph.D. Law  NA Seats
Ph.D. Management   NA Seats
Ph.D. Mathematics  NA Seats
Ph.D. Media Studies   NA Seats
Ph.D. Philosophy  NA Seats
Ph.D. Physics  NA Seats
Ph.D. Psychology  NA Seats
Ph.D. Social Work  NA Seats
Ph.D. Sociology  NA Seats
Ph.D. Tourism  NA Seats

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